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fredag den 17. december 2010

December 2010 (III)

At last, here's a small study of some rose heads (one of my first) that's almost completed - it'd been sitting around for a little while while I've been trying to really see what it's about. For a recent flower commission, I'd been studying the work of John William Waterhouse, Seaton, Fantin-Latour,  Klein and Handerson Thayer to try and get to grips with chroma and handling. I've found that actually redrawing the subject during the painting process wonderfully helpful.  It helps anchor the shapes that could normally slip whilst I'm building up form. I loved constructing and then reconstructing the petals and leaves.
 In speaking yesterday, to Charles Weed about the subject of convincingness of a painting we  veered a little closer to defining my goals by discussing ideas of idealisation and painting to one's own temperament. As an example, Klimt did this after producing such (in my opinion) amazingly (aristically) accurate and beautiful works alongside his brother and their company of artists. He went on to clearly identify his capacities and inclinations. I feel that that is what made his paintings stand, that's what I'm after.  The groove.
To avoid risking rambling on, I'll stop now.
Merry Christmas, one and all, 

Mnemosyne Study
180mm x 220mm
Oil on linen on panel
Private collection

2 kommentarer:

  1. This is a really lovely piece Shaun.

    I think the spacing, the negative space, works really nicely, the 2d sense of design is really strong. You know I've been thinking a lot about composition lately, I've been looking at a lot of work from the Aesthetic movement and French symbolism. There was a bunch of American print makers at the turn of the century, some British ex-pats, that took the aesthetic there too. The influence of Japanese woodblock prints is really strong in that work.

    This looks like it's heading somewhat in that direction to me. Beautifully done. Are you planning more like this?

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for the very kind comments. I am planning to do more flower paintings this year, but at this point, I'm dedicated to figuring out more about learning organisation of the elements within painting. Just tryingto get my hands on some nice vases.