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søndag den 12. december 2010

December 2010

I'm a professional painter training in classical realism (working from direct observation.) After attending Massachusetts College of Art, it's been mainly a self-directed study of technique. Although, I must admit that I've had a lot of help from gifted friends and colleagues such as Charles Weed, Louise Fenne and Paul Foxton. I've been for the past five years mainly concentrating my work on still life paintings and drawings and am now starting to develop my skills in the portraiture and flower painting genres.

The paintings shown are from a series
of recent studies of drapery.

'A Tibute to Charlie'
400mm x 300mm
Oil on fine-weave Belgian lnen on panel

All Our Dreams And Fairytales (Jones for a butterfly)'
400mm x 400mm
Oil on fine-weave Belgian linen.
Private collection

'Is This England? (Wouldn't it be nice?)'
110mm x 600mm
Oil on commercially-prepared canvas.
Private collection

'The Sacred And The Profane (Speaking of Arcadia study)
Oil on fine-weave linen on panel
300mm x 200mm
Private collection

I am  based in London, England and Odense, Denmark and am represented by 
 Fountain Fine Art in Wales.

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