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onsdag den 19. oktober 2011

Part of the process...

'And Then The Sun Came Out (Second tribute to Miss Clarke) - first three images are incomplete stages
400mm x 400mm
Oil on hand-prepared, lead-primed fine linen

Private collection

Just received the brilliant news that I've a work accepted for exhibition at The Royal West of England Academy's Autumn exhibition.
After reading Tad Spurgeon's book on the process and philosophy of painting I decided to
give it 'a-bit-of-a-go.' Unfortunately, one forgot to take photos of the first three stages of the
work. Sorry. However, I can tell you this. The first three stages were rubbed in with a basic triad
and a very light-bodied two-week old No-Sun oil and the subsequent layers were painted with a slightly, heavier-bodied three-week oil. 
Started the painting with  raw umber, black and yellow ochre and gradually added lead white and
vermillion to the mix -  all that scumbling and glazing's brought about some wonderfully quiet colour nuances in the darker and middle tones - they're diaphenously thin and almost scintillating. The lights
are whacked on...
...You can tell that I'm happy with this one.
Just one more layer to go and redraw the bulb.

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