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fredag den 4. november 2011

An update.... ...Or two...

Here's the diptych,

'And Then The Sun Came Out (To want something, sometime)' - Incomplete
500mm x 1000mm
Oil on coarse Belgian linen

a couple of layers on...
For me, this is a good moment to pause and reflect on the exact lighting 
that I'd like to illuminate these objects with. Also to consider getting
the textures of the dough and jam to 'feel' (for want of a better word) right.
And here's a block-in of (what is for me) a pretty tricky still-life set up

'And Then The Sun Came Out (Out loud in the crowd)' - Incomplete
300mm x 300mm
Oil on coarse Belgian linen

that's sitting right behind and almost underneath the canvas.
Lots and lots of bouncing back and forth with one eye closed and snarling to try and make sense of this -
I was actually
considering getting a patch for my left eye, which incidentally leads me rather neatly 
to a brilliant joke that I'd heard recently.

Q: What kind of films do pirates like watching?
A: Ones rated AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

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