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tirsdag den 22. maj 2012

Hyperborean/Sidiboy/Flying girl

My exhibition in France at the Maison de La Tour in Valaurie is fast approaching and I'm
at last finishing up some pieces that I have been working
on over the last few months.
 'Self portrait as a Hyperborean (Sidiboy)'
600mm x 600mm
Oil on muslin
Two thousand nine hundred pounds

This following work is the next stage of study of the painting
mentioned in the previous post - it's a poster study
where I'm concerning myself with the tones and colours.

As yet untitled - incomplete
800mm x 600mm
Oil on linen

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  1. Hi John, thanks for your question - however, I'm not exactly sure what it is that you'd like to know. Is it technique or style reference that you're interested in?
    Very best regards,