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fredag den 11. januar 2013

Happy New Year all. Monthly auction news.

 I hope that you've had a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you all. 
Down to business, we've extended the contract on the gallery space for one more year and we've donned the shop the official title, 
´The Studio Gallery Åbent Atelier og Galleri´ 
so as not to confuse with the hundreds of other ´Studio Gallery(´s)´ out there.
We'll be hosting a monthly auction, January's runs from today (the 13th of January until the 31st of January 7.00pm Danish time.) There'll be two works on auction each month throughout 2013, one or two works from me or a work from Christina. This month, both works come from me.
'MOACOT (Anne (As My Dream Suggests))' 
250mm x 250mm 
Oil on linen 


'MOACOT Study Sketch' 
170mm x 140mm 
Ink on paper 


Please send your bids in to me at

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