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onsdag den 6. marts 2013

Girl with a puffin

Here's the latest  work from 
the studio.

'Girl with a puffin'
31cm x 27cm
Oil on linen
Framed in matt black-stained pine


Again, thanks to my friend Signe for sitting for this painting.

The opening's coming up on Saturday and I'm busy inviting all and sundry, also finishing off a couple of smaller pieces that'll hopefully make it to the show.
Here's one:

'Not Dear And Not Old'
10cm x 10cm
Oil on linen on panel
Framed in matt black-stained pine 

Collection of C. Korterman Hansen

Here's the other - still wet and on the easel

As yet, untitled
14.5cm x 9cm
Oil on paper on panel

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