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fredag den 17. maj 2013

'My Love And I'

"My Love And I"
60cm x 60cm
Oil on linen

15,000 Kr.

Here is my latest work (about to be hung yet, leaning up against the wall in the gallery.) 
In no small way inspired by a painting by Henk Helmantel.
The pomegranates are symbols of fecundity.
The background image is a painting of falling milk bottles.
Dean Owen, I promised you (a few years ago)
after a beer or possibly two too many in the Seven Stars in Penryn 
that I'd paint one hundred milk bottles.
Five down, ninety five to go.   

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  1. Thank you shaun. Really I do not have word for this painting. I can see the experience in this art work. Amazingly detailed painting with lots of feelings. Great work.