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fredag den 21. juni 2013

Skin tone study...

...I'm currently working on some commissions and the model for one of them is 'Pil.' 
I have just almost finished a profile study of her wearing what is actually 
a soft basket that functions quite nicely as a hat.
I've been experimenting (playing around) with some combinations of different reds and blues
in my 'fleshtone recipe' 
to try to get 'pearlescent' skin tone

'Girl in a white hat' - Incomplete
30cm x 30cm
Oil on jute 

On a sad note, I'm coming to the end of my current supply of jute which is 
wonderful to work on (once you get the hang of it.)

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  1. Hey this is nice trying for pearlescent skin tone with the combinations of different reds and blues . It looks very cool. I also like painting.

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