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mandag den 1. juli 2013

Monthly Auction July 2013

The Studio Gallery


July 2013

July's monthly auction:

01.07.13 - 31.07.13 (until 7.00pm)

This month's work up for auction is:

'A Gentleman's Behind'

15cm x 15cm

Oil on linen
In a hand-finished red-oxide
and oiled pine, 
scooped frame
Shaun G. Day



If you would like to bid, please send an email with your bid 
(minimum 50DKK/5 Pounds above the current bid) to:

Our next show beginning in August is titled
'Small Wonders' 
and is an exhibition of small-format works. 
We're extremely honoured to receive
a body of lovely paintings from the 
marvellously talented British artist 
who'll be presenting this, 
amongst other new paintings:

'Freshwater clamshell and marble'
10xm x 8cm
Oil on panel
Rosemary Lewis


In the meantime, here's 
 another image of
a small painting ready for the show.

'Trubbeshawe's IV' - Incomplete
8 x 20cm
Oil on linen on panel 
Shaun G. Day

And finally, the girl with the pearl-like skin,
finished and framed!

'Girl in a white hat' 
30cm x 30cm
Oil on jute 


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