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torsdag den 31. oktober 2013

On Wings II

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to again
attempt to impart some of what I know about
the making of pictures
to a wonderful group of ladies and was once again entirely inspired by their enthusiasm and 
motivation. Nice one, chaps, thank you, thank you.
And here is the latest work going gangbusters in the studio:

 'Tom Tiddler's Ground' - Incomplete
Oil on jute on panel
27 x 30cm 

Am quite excited by this and the temptation is to
rush to finish it, but will try to give it at least a few days.

'There is no certainty, only opportunity'
100 x 52cm
Oil on linen
2009 - 2013

20,000 Kr.

'And My Eyes Were Opened'
100 x 52cm
Oil on linen
2009 - 2013

20,000 Kr.

I managed to retrieve a couple of older works from a gallery
recently and thought that I'd touch up certain small details to see
what it would give. Man, Charlie, you were right.
Painting on well seasoned paint really is the
cat's pyjamas. 

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