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fredag den 18. oktober 2013

On Wings

 Am simultaneously looking forward to
and am a little panicky over our
next exhibition  entitled 'On Wings.'
The show starts onthe 7th November
 the opening  reception is on the 16th of  November.
In between seeing to a lot of other things  (also work-related,)
I managed to get this little painting sketch
sorted out.

'Extravoit (On Wings)'
22 x 19.5cm
Oil on panel


Am loving the making of frames for my works. 
So much so, that in re-framing older pieces I can better see things that are needed to make certain improvements.  I also had some help in this.

'The World is Flat'
9 x 11cm
24 x 23cm framed
Oil on panel



for your invaluable perspicacity; 
here are two other
works still in the studio as the frames are slowly being finished and destined for 'On Wings.':

'Sing it Back 
(tribute to Sandra Flod and Ellen Eagle)'
Oil on linen

12,000 Kr.

'Girl with Owlet'
Oil on linen
55 x 75cm (framed)


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