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tirsdag den 5. november 2013

Race to the finish line...

Exhibition opening reception
Saturday 16th November
from 11 to 2.00pm

We're also giving away to a lucky guest
a gift certificate for 
1,000 kr.
to use in the gallery 

It always seems to be a dash to complete
work for exhibitions.
Maybe the seemingly simultaneous tasks
of finishing pictures, designing and printing invitations
(on an unbelievably cantankerous computer)
arranging and organising the hanging of works
etc. etc. etc. may have something to do with it (I won't go on.)
That's quite enough rambling for now.
Anyway, here are the last works at finally their
(hopefully) final stage before being set into their frames
(I apologise for the dreadful lighting, photography's not my strongest suit:)

'Mumblety Peg'
22 x 21cm 
Oil on panel 

4,000 Kr.

32 x 28cm
Oil on jute on panel

40 x 40cm
Oil on linen

12,000 Kr. 
'Tom Tiddler's Ground'
28 x 32cm
Oil on jute on panel


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