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lørdag den 7. december 2013

Monthly Auction December 2013 (again)

December's auction (II):

08.012.13 - 015.12.13 (until 7.00pm)

This month's auctions are silent,
there will be a new work up for auction for each of the first three weeks
of December.

To explain briefly, anyone can make an offer, but only once on this painting
a price greater than 1,000 kr. (100 pounds.)
All bids will remain secret.
The highest offer wins (as usual) 
but this time I won't post the current prices online.

Please send your bid to me at

Remember, the sale of this painting is only until the 8th December until 7.00pm sharp. 
The winner will be informed immediately after the auction closes.

This month's second work up for auction is:

12 x 21cm
Framed in hand-made,
waxed and liquid gold leaf
inner lip with border trim
(Framed dimensions 24 x 33cm)
Oil on panel

Sold to V.M.

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