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søndag den 8. juni 2014


(that's Danish for 'Exhibition Opening')

We've a new show opening
Saturday 14th of June from 11 - 3.00pm
and the entire exhibition's is an auction.
Gallerie Rasmus has lent us some extra works as well!
It looks already like it's going to be brilliant, please come by if you can.
In order to shake things up a little I painted some doughnuts (yep, I know.)
Big this time (alla Emily Eveleth, yep, I know.)
Also to be included in auction, this is a detail study of probably my favourite piece of hers.

'Oh no, not, again'
(after Emily Eveleth)
 Framed size (69.5 x 69.5cm)
Oil on linen on panel
14,000 Kr.

June's Auction
01.06.14- 30.06.14   
Inline images 1​​
'Arlington House (III)'
Framed size

39x35 cm
Oil on linen on panel


Write me if you'd like to place a bid on this work: 

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