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fredag den 8. august 2014


...Near completion for the 
Great H.C. Andersen Festival taking place
in our fair city this week is this painting 'Prize.'
Just have to put the strings on the stars.

60 x 70cm 
Oil on jute

The funny thing is that I've been really undecided on the frame that I'd constructed
specially for this work (have been mulling this for the last five-or-so-months.)
Yesterday, the frame all on it's own hopped down from the wall in my studio and broke...
Oh, well.
At least I have a nearly day to plan, construct, colour and finish a frame before Wednesday.

Having recently visited (Bo and Sarah and Edith and Beata,) 
wonderful friends near Copenhagen I was surprised to see some of my 
older work hanging in their house. I couldn't help but be inspired to take the 
theme of a couple of the paintings and make a little oil sketch out of it.
Here's a continuation of the 'Meditations on a cup of tea series.'

48 x 38cm (framed)
Oil on panel 

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