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onsdag den 1. juli 2015

Higgeldy piggeldy

At the risk of appearing vain (which, of course I can be) my technique is 
of late and at last moving lot closer to what I actually want. 
Finding the time to paint during the last couple of months has been difficult. 
The reward is that I'm forced to take more time to make decisions about how I'm putting paint down.
My life and work schedule's been quite chaotic of late due to life's 
constant challenges (the 'Higgeldy Piggeldy' of the title,) 
 and now it's summer holiday so I'm spending more time with the kids 
(isn't all that bad, I must admit.) Here's the latest out of the stable.

40 x 40cm
Oil on panel

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  1. It is okay not to be okay at times. Life is like a roller coaster. Keep us updated about the latest developments. Have a good day!