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fredag den 1. april 2016

Be your best...

'Be your best'
oil on wood panel
(40x40cm framed)

'Creamy Honeypot (By the score study)'
oil on gessoed paper

'By the score'
oil on wood panel  
(39x35cm framed)

'absolutely love, love, love the process of creating realist still life paintings, it is wonderful to try to capture or create a certain atmosphere using form, colour and a particular painterly technique (which can sometimes vary from diffuse to sharply focused in the same picture 
eg. 'Creamy Honeypot - By the score study.') 
And at last am slipping free with more impasto, too. I've noticed that certain pages on my blog have disappeared of late (to Lord knows where.) So here are some of the more recent works, again!

'Chair of forgetfulness'
Oil on linen
94x74cm (framed)


'Red Flower in Jar'
Oil on gessoed paper

'White Roses Study'
Oil on wood

'White Roses'
Oil on linen on wood
39x67cm (framed)

'What, no what?'
Oil on gessoed paper

'If You Want Something Done'

Oil on linen on wood

14.5cmx 33cm


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  1. Thanks for sharing the post with us. I like the whole concept of oil painting. I am going to suggest this to one of my friends